Course Description

Learn Kristin's priceless tools to facilitate your awakening and self-realization. AlcheME Essentials teaches unique foundational step by step awakening practices from 18 years of direct experience and expertise. Learn the specific focus and surrender tools needed to elicit and deepen your awakening.

You will streamline your capacity to penetrate through the veils of consciousness to access your Higher Self and navigate your life with ease and grace. Through AlcheME Essentials, your focus and meditation will deepen and you will learn identification surrender skills to transform your life and prepare for AlcheME Initiation.

Come ignite the AlcheME acceleration in your awakening journey and live your awakened life.


“Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.”

RICK ARCHER ~ Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump‍

"I learned so much in a very short amount of time and gained so much clarity."


"Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally! My mind (along with its self-judgment of “not good enough”, self-criticism and “pressure to get it right”) has stepped aside and become a tool again, instead of Being the Boss. This is a direct result of who Kristin is and how she works."


"Receiving transmissions from Kristin, while being immersed in the AlcheME class group energy, has lead to potent spiritual experiences. It has been a blessing!"


"I can't stop re-listening to class. The inner quiet is so DELICIOUS and expansive, yet grounded and present in my human self, and also the illuminated selves."


"Wow! The first class of AlcheME Basics catalyzed an expansion in my field of awareness as well as a clarity and silence that was still palpable when I woke up the next morning. Thank you so much!"


"Kristin’s powerful presence and beautiful, articulate and attuned guidance has been invaluable support for learning how to unlock my inner realms. Immersing oneself in Kristin’s work literally gives you the keys to the universe."

‍- JEFF F.